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Andrew John Mullen:  Visual Artist

 Biography:  Andrew John Mullen is an artist, art educator and illustrator living in Granby, CT.  Mullen's work appears in public and private collections throughout the United States.  The underlying theme behind all of Mullen's work is his desire to find a connection to place and time in the ever shifting landscape that is our society.   Mullen finds great joy in bringing words to life through his work as an illustrator.   His words and drawings have been featured in publications such as Powder Magazine, Backcountry Magazine, Cross Country Skier Magazine, Fairfield Weekly and The Hartford Courant.  He has recently started work in the field of Digital Arts desiging tee shirts, disc golf graphics, snowwboard and skateboard designs, and designs for local and regional breweries.  

The work presented on this site are examples of some work Andrew has produced.  

If you would like to see more of his process please visit his Instagram page.  

For all of Andrews finished work please refer to his Facebook page. 

Thanks for the interest.




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